26 Month Newsletter

Darling Gwennie Goo,

Another month has come and gone so swiftly. You had a decent one, although you did have a nasty stomach flu which lasted for about a week. You have had many opportunities to play and enjoy this nice weather. We try to be outside as much as we can.

This afternoon, as I was sitting here getting ready to write this, I heard your voice from the other room calling out. “Mama!” then knocking. “Mama. Let. Me. Out.” I start to get up but instead start giggling as I hear, “Let the baby out!” I walk over to your sister’s room, where you have locked yourself in. Only as I unlock the door and you walk about with a doll in your hands, you blame the door locking on the “baby.” I had thought you were talking about yourself, you often refer to yourself as a baby, but you meant the doll this time. You better be careful, the baby will lock you in your room next!

Often you put your arms up, and ask to be held “like a baby.” Or when we get out of the shower or bath, you asked to be wrapped up and held like a baby. I know that you struggle. You desire to be a baby, held and loved and snuggled. Yet you also want to be a big girl, like your sister, running and playing.

I have conversations with you. We talk about things, you ask questions and get so very excited sometimes. If I ask you who people are, you name everyone. You even name yourself “I Gennie Goo” then I say “No, you are a puppy.” “No, I Gennie Goo!” and we go through animals and you giggle and continue to assure me that you are really truly Gennie Goo. I hope you always feel so sure of who you are. I don’t feel that. I often feel lost and unsure, um, am I Leaner? Or someone else, an imposter? Who am I and who let me watch these adorable kids?

Today I let you have some scissors for the first time. You also had a small piece of ribbon and some fabric scraps from my sewing project. You gladly and carefully trimmed and snipped. Your eyes so focused on the project that I sat back and watched so grateful for that moment. I missed so much with Rhayn, because I was younger and I was too busy. I didn’t stop to smell the roses with her. We were always headed somewhere. You ask me to smell the roses at the school, and we stop, we smell, we enjoy. Together, your mama and you.

Love Always,



purplelurple said...

she is the cutest thing in her pig tails!!! She has gotten so big and so beautiful! He smile is the greatest thing about Gwennie it lights up her whole face.

... said...

Madders and I had the same Stomache virus (is what the dostor said it was) but I got over it is about 12 hours but madders still has the leaking out of her siapers exposlives still. I thought she only had it last week for like one night so I didnt let elise watch her just in case on Monday and had Jodi watch her because Katy had already been sick so I knew they were exposed to it but I took her there tuesday and She got the boys sick :-( ( I am pretty sure it was us) And then she was ok just a lil diarrea untill thur or friday and then she started yacking after I picked her up from whoever had her at day care. So I took her to the Dr and he gave us the nasty medicine ever!

That is my story!

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