Purple Haze II

I mentioned before that I was feeling less like "me"(or the version of me that I liked the best) and decided to add a purple streak to my hair. I know, I didn't post a picture of it. Here you go. Thoughts?
I really like it, it makes ME happy. I have to redo the purple every few weeks or it fades away to some neither here nor there bluish color, but I enjoy it. If I don't have the barrette holding the front back it is not as obvious.


tif-do said...

I really love it!

Carter said...

I remember giving myself this crazy purple streak in my hair a year or so after moving here. I felt it was my 'alter ego' coming out. Part of me LOVED it and part of me thought I was too old to be doing something like that, especially being around the Angell Parents. I mostly got the thumbs up from teachers but there were a few parent's who looked at me like I was a kitty killer.

It was fun at the time but don't have any desire to do it again - I'm really too old now!

Your hair looks cute - have fun!

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