Blue Sky? Not for me.

I have been feeling quite down and depressed the past few days. I don't know exactly what it is about either. Its not SAD, because it has actually been raining and cooler so we have been able to go out of the house and not feel like we will die. This morning I slept in, I could not for the life of me make myself get out of bed. I usually get up at 5:30, but this morning it was 7:30 when I finally rolled out of bed. The girls were sitting in bed with me playing, so maybe that was why I got up?

Seriously, what is wrong with me? I mean when you look out of the house at night and the world looks like this picture, and because the clouds directly above are that luscious orange the whole world has a pinkish tint. I tried to get a picture of how pretty it was, but none of them came out, so instead I posted a picture of just how pretty the sky directly about our house was. You can see in the upper left corner just a little bit of our patio cover. I wish I could paint it, oh man do I wish I could capture just how pretty it was!

It rained last night, which was why the clouds looked so lovely. I took Rhayn to the neighbors house to see if their 7 year old could play for a while, but she was in Minnesota until Saturday. We decided to take the opportunity to walk to the park down the street. It was just starting to sprinkle, but desert rain comes like that, and usually the tiny sprinkles fade quickly. It didn't, in fact the rain slowly got heavier until it was perfect for running in. The thunder was rolling on the other side of our mountain (yeah, it just a little hill really, but I am a desert rat and we call hills mountains, ok?) as I was saying, the thunder was rolling on the other side of our mountain and we watched that and rain in our little grassy area. It was awesome. We were pleasantly drenched when we walked into the house, and for a moment I felt ok.

Then when we walked upstairs I remembered that part of my big problem was that it was World of Warcraft night, and Will was playing with his guild. They get together on Wednesdays. We did set up Will's allowed WOW times. He is allowed to play on Wednesday night from 7 until midnight, Saturdays until noon and Sundays from noon until midnight. I just feel like with his trip to DC and all we haven't seen him in ages. I also feel like he enjoys talking to our roomie more than me. He is always talking to him, and I just sit there, not in the military, not even ex-military, and totally lost. I guess I need to talk to him about it. Or maybe Will and I need to go out, just the two of us. I will have to call my mom and ask her if they can watch the munchkins while we have a night out. (We still haven't seen Harry Potter, and I still haven't even started book 7, so you better not tell me how it ends!)

I think feeling like a loser has made me want to sew more. Being able to create things, gives me an outlet. I used to draw when I was sad, but with kids drawing is harder, and takes longer, and if I don't finish it in one sitting, it is nearly impossible to get back into the groove to finish a picture.

I asked Will if he had any dress shirts that I could re purpose into dresses for Gwen. He gave me a few but most notably this shirt that I loved, it had the coolest sleeves, with french cuffs and cuff links. But he never wears it, and so I was able to slice it up and make a dress with it. I saw a similar dress on Etsy, and loved the idea of it. It was actually fairly easy, especially since the fabric of the shirt was not just a print, but actually woven, so the straps and gathered trim bottom are just the reverse of the fabric. If you look closely you can see where the pocket is, it sits just about at Gwen's hip, and the dress length is actually so her ankles, its so cute on her. I need to shorten the straps so that her nipples do not show when she wears it, or I guess she could wear a shirt under it. I will have to add a zipper or something to the back to make it easier to get on and off, too.

When I was sewing that dress I broke my last regular needle, so I had to finish it using a heavy duty needle. That also means that I NEED to go to Joanns today. (Yippee! and then Costco... not so yippee.) But I actually have money to spend because our roomie paid me for last weeks childcare. Oh and this week? Yup, she is at her mamas, so I have been enjoying just my girls.


Amie said...

that dress is adorable!

tif-do said...

What a great dress! You are really quite talented. I can't sew a straight line, Seriously, don't laugh it's not very funny. Oh and thanks for your great comment on my blog. You are a super cousin and I'm glad we have reconnected via the blog.

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