I think growing up in the desert summer has given me a greater appreciation of days like yesterday.

We had gone to the library because they were having a dragon puppet show and other dragon activities. Rhayn loves dragons, in fact a few weeks ago I purchased a Ty beanie baby Dragon, Scorch. She has been carrying him around since then, he is her new favorite toy (right below Squish Baby.) She also received a special prize from Scholastic because there was a mess up with the Knight Bus when it was here a few weeks ago, so we needed to pick it up.

I have been borrowing movies from the library lately, usually they are crappy artsy movies, ones I would have loved when I was younger with no kids and my time wasn't so precious. Now if I watch a movie that I didn't particularly like, I feel as though I have wasted my time! I borrowed a good one called "My First Mister" it has Leelee Sobieski (whom I love) and Albert Brooks (Nemo's dad in Finding Nemo.) It was actually a really good movie. It took turns that we didn't foresee, so both Will and I were pleasantly surprised at the end.

Oh yeah, back to yesterday being a beautiful day!

So when we left the library it was 3 pm, and the truck told me it was only 85 degrees. IN! JULY! How was that possible? It had been raining while we were in the library. So I rolled the windows down, and we enjoyed the cooler air. When we got home, I planned on walking the girls to the park. Care-Bear had a melt down, so instead we went outside and played in the back yard.

The temperature was so pleasant that after an hour outside, the girls weren't red! Usually their cheeks turn bright red after only ten minutes.

After dinner, I decided to take Rhayn and Gwen for a walk, to get out and enjoy more of this nice weather. I think we walked about a mile or more. There are some farms close to our house, and this one has horses. The girls sat on fence (Gwen climbed up by her self... little fearless one!) and watched the horses run and play in the distance. It was a nice evening.

Will is in Washington DC, so this type of evening helps the time go by without feeling like he will be gone forever (its only until Sunday.)


dacheese said...

I wanted to be a cool person so I commented! i would love to see you but do you care care all week (which means tomorrow?)

leaner said...

yeah, I have her... but you could still come visit me... I am not going anywhere.

dacheese said...

I was thinking about it but Jodi needs me to watch her monsters and I never get to spend time with them so I will have to see you come other time.

leaner said...

pout. :(

Amie said...

yah, my first birth was kinda traumatic! My 2nd and 3rd were much smoother. I just had the spinal and that was it. Quite awake and aware of everything else going on, no contractions, lol!

My 2nd and 3rd were planned c-sections which I LOVED!! giving me a date and time to prepare for (great for babysitters flying in from out of state), a due date a couple of weeks early (not a bad thing at all for my huge babies) and then a nice four days to rest with just my newbie and me before returning home. No episotomies. Sex doesn't change much. I'm a quick healer, so I was up and around pretty fast.

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