20 Month Newsletter

Dearest Gwennie,

What a time we are having now. You have reached full on tantrum phase. You will drop to the floor screaming (like Lilo in Lilo and Stitch.) You have some definite ideas about your opinion, which is great. You like to pick your shirt and try to put it on yourself. I know it won’t be long before you hardly need me at all.

There are two new teeth in your mouth. Your top canines broke through in the past few weeks. For some reason lately I have taken, like, zero decent picture of your face up close. Or maybe I have just posted them all already?

I have been watching another little girl, and you are not happy about it. I think it has been the cause of your recent reattachment to me. She needs attention, so you feel like you need even more. If it was up to you, my breast would be out and in your mouth constantly. We have been down to only nursing around nap time, and bed time (and when you get hurt) but we are back up to every few hours you need mama. I know its more of a need for snuggling, but it is getting to a point when I have considered weaning, just to get a moment of peace. Then I wake up, and realize weaning you at this stage would be awful for us. You need me and if I took your comfort away, it would be horrendous.

You are waking up too early. If you think you need a nap by 9 am, then you really need to sleep in longer. This week I have been walking Lily at 5:30 am. That seems to have disrupted your sleep. Wednesday I came in and you were still asleep, Thursday and this morning you were sitting with daddy. I know you should have still been asleep.

Today you took off your cloth diaper the moment you peed. In fact you did so in the bathroom, so maybe you were trying to get it off before you went? (Too much hope on my part? Probably.) You carried the cover to me, telling me “poo poo” but it was just wet, and still warm (oh the joys of motherhood, huh?) I wish you would potty train! Oh I wish you would. I know you aren’t even two yet, and Rhayn was two and a half when she did, but still, I could gladly be all done with diapers!

Although you change everyday, at this point the changes are minute and sometimes so gradual we barely notice them. I will have to say that your face has changed recently from my little baby, to a near toddler with long hair.

I love you,
Your Mama

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