About 30 and tattooes

Since I will be turning the big Three OH this year, I am thinking that one of my tattoos doesn't suit me anymore. I don't want to have it removed. Will had one removed a few years ago and ouchie, it hurt him (he became a big old baby and had to have four treatments.) So I am thinking that I will have it redone.

Currently its a Chinese symbol. I am sick of the question "What does that stand for?" I have started answering it "Stupid nineteen year old gets tattoo." It really means "Honesty" or that was what the dictionary I picked it out of said, or "trustworthy" I wanted "Trust" but couldn't find it. Then again, I tried to "google" it and came up with some symbols that look TOTALLY different, so who knows!

I would like to turn it into a flower, a saguaro blossom or something cactusey, since I am a "desert rat." Or something symbolic with my children.

The whole gist of this is that this will be my 30th birthday present, a tattoo fixer-uper. I will post a picture of my current tattoo on here later, and maybe someone out there is an artist and could possibly show me how to change it up. I know I can ask a tattoo artist, that is part of their job. So that may be another option. I have until November anyway, no rush at all. Ok, I am done rambling. I will go to bed now. Ha ha.


Amie said...

Hmmm, interesting...I'll keep my eyes open.

dacheese said...

I have been watching Miami Ink a lot lately and I think you should make it into a picture of me and have the symbol in my FLOWING hair! LOL yeeaahhh that would be hot.

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