An update

The doctor doesn't seem to think my issues have to do with the IUD, so I am still the owner of it. He did concede that possibly that the frequency of my migraines was/is being affected by it. So I was sent home with an order for blood work. Which I took care of this morning.

When I went in to have the blood drawn, I had to take Gwennie. She sat on my lap nicely throughout the procedure. However when I looked at her face, I could see that she was quite upset by the experience. As we left I tried to tell her I was ok, and showed her the cotton ball that was covering the wound. She seemed terrified by the cotton ball! It wasn't until after I removed it from my arm that she would look at me or my arm. Poor girl, she is so dramatic!

Dr. asked me if I was interested in preventative treatment for my headaches, he told me that there are drugs that can help lower their occurrence. I told him if it came down to it I would gladly have the IUD removed. I am not adding more drugs into my body to combat something that is being caused by drugs in my body. Does that make sense at all?

I am starting to wonder if maybe my allergies are causing some of it. I haven't felt like I usually do this time of year, you know drippy and itchy and stuffy, but today I noticed that my head does feel a little like it normally does. I mean the palo verde trees and acacias and every thing that blooms yellow usually does bother me, and they have been in full yellow bloom for weeks.

I guess we'll have to wait and see what happens. As for me, I had the worst night's sleep last night. I kept waking up and worrying about what is wrong with me. I really should be reading my text book, and doing my homework right now. Will has a few projects that I need to be working on, and I have no desire to do a dang thing!

I think I will go lay in bed, and see if Rhayn wants to pretend to be my doctor, or maybe let her paint my toenails (something she likes to do.) Oh yeah, I totally need to trim her nails,t hey are sooo long and dirty.


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dacheese said...

hope everything gets better for you!

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