I am so tired today. I was yesterday, too. I am serious, I can not seem to keep my eyes open or my body in an upright position. Am I sick again? Am I sick still? I don't really know.

This week has been another whirlwind of activities.

I have stayed busy all week, with a dentist appointment, and play dates. On Thursday we made brownies, with a box mix, but then you add chipotle and adobo chile powder, cinnamon and vanilla. It was so good. They are just a little spicy. Anyway as we were finishing, putting them in the pan and all that, my mom called me (because my name is Leaner411, you know!) as she was at a geocache and needed some information. When I came back downstairs Gwennie had spilled the cinnamon all over the floor. I'll admit that she smelled nice, but that was about it.

We have a laptop in our kitchen, but having replaced the hard drive in it this past week has somehow messed up my profile, and I can not log on to the internet. Frustrating, especially when I was trying to do my homework and let the girls play outside in the very nice weather.

Today I woke at five am, but went back to sleep. At 6:50 Will decided I was done being asleep, and it was time to wake up. Man, was I mad! I grumped around for nearly an hour, and finally said "screw it" and went back to bed until nearly nine. Not saying I slept, but I sat in the quiet room for that amount of time. Then I took a shower, and tried to function. Really it wasn't working.

Will decided that we should go out and take some pictures and get some coordinates for his newest venture www.geographing.org. We went around our area. Taking our dog for a short hike, too. It was nice, pleasant weather for it, but I just feel so tired. I need to go to the doctor about it. Just like I need to see the doctor about my foot pain. But I have been taking it all in stride, and trying to just keep on truckin' (haha) and ignoring the fact that I have been sick for weeks.

Did I write about my foot issue? Ok, so I have a bunion on my left foot. I don't understand, I have never suffered for fashion when it came to my feet, but somehow I have managed to get a bunion. It is not fun, but for some reason the balls of my feet hurt when I walk for too long. I realize that crappy shoes do not help, so I purchased some Earth shoes, the negative heel seems to make my feet feel better. Still the index toe on my left foot often feels numb when I press on it. I don't think that is normal, and I should have it checked out. I do think its getting better now that I have decent shoes (and not $5 old navy flip flops!)


hairball said...

Lavan was feeling sick and tired since Christmas and being the stubborn taylor, never went to a doctor. Dorothy convinced him to go and they found out he was missing 2/3 of his blood. They still aren't sure what happened but he is on the mend. Maybe it is time to see a doctor and get checked out.

Mid-life Midwife said...

Maybe you can find a MD/ Naturopath who will check everything out for you. It sounds like you could use a complete blood count (CBC) to check your levels and a huge, long-going dose of Vitamin C to get your immune system back up to par.
And maybe allergies? Could that be an issue? Some times even dust mites can cause really bad reactions for people.
Hope you feel better v. soon!

Amie said...

Sorry to hear you're feelin' cruddy. Maybe a good chiropractor visit or doctor's visit will clear something up. Maybe allergies? Maybe just the blahs! You always seem to be in such a great mood after you've made something home made. What about making a bunch of things for an etsy shop? Kinda fun, although I'm not sure how to market it. Good luck! (Did I tell you I had the weirdest dream about you a couple of weeks ago, met you and your mom at a wal-mart by chance.)

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