The Eyes Have It.

How could you not totally be in love with these eyes?
Rhayn with her green eyes and Gwennie with a blue gray (I hope they stay Grandpa C blue-gray!)
I know that I wanted my brown eyed baby, but these eyes are so perfect. Besides, we got a dog with brown eyes, it makes it much better.

Speaking of the dog, we might have a name, but I will post about it later. We've only had her two weeks, its ok, right?


dacheese said...

they are great eyes. Now that I have a brown eyed baby I want to green eyed boy

Amie said...

Soo pretty!

purplelurple said...

Such beautiful eyes!!! my kids have either blue or green eyes also but what are the chances we would have brown eyed children since mine are green and G's are blue. Oh well I love their eyes.

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