Washing dishes is WAY better with hot water!

Good Morning Internet world. I am back to myself again, and its GRRRR-eat! I do have a tiny bit of mucous left in my sinuses, but its more just stuff that needs to be blow out, slowly.

This week has been busy. With the new puppy (still nameless) we have had lots of cuddling, and too much "NO!" in our house. It isn't just no to puppy either,it is "No, Gwennie, the puppy doesn't need that toy" or "No Rhayn, she needs to be outside right now." Its been fun, let me tell you. I want a few hours that I do not have to say "No" to anyone!

We purchased a new dishwasher, because our old one did not work. If you didn't pre-wash the dishes, they would be covered in food, mind you sanitized food, when they came out. So Will installed the new one last night. But he noticed that the hot water was barely on. (My fault, I had installed a new kitchen faucet a few months ago, must not have turned it on all the way.) Which was why out hot water in the kitchen would trickle out, and take forever to get hot. I washed dishes this morning and it took no time at all to heat up. Whoops. (If I were one of those people, I would add a "my bad" on the end of that, but its not something I ever say,and actually do not like it.) It is amazing when things just work right, isn't it?

Will has postulated that maybe the main reason our dishwasher didn't work was because of the hot water being on trickle. Who knows? It was a low end model that only had jets on the bottom, and shot any piece of food straight into the bottom of the glasses on the top shelf, I don't think hot water would have changed that much. It doesn't matter either because our new dishwasher is quiet, and installed. He isn't going to put the old one back for a theory!

Will just asked me what the picture is all about. I know, its all "My Space-y" but I was trying to take a picture of myself, inspired by Amie and her beautiful self portraits. That was the best of the bunch, and its not so good. I used to fancy myself with some talent, back in high school, but really, I took pictures of things like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, dead bloated horses, weird plant arrangement (which I still do) and the occasional live animal (pets), but not people. I need a "taking people portraits for dummies" class. I wonder if there is such a thing? I would like to take pictures of the girls that are quite lovely, instead of the crap I take now. Anyone have pointers for a novice photographer?

The rain we have had recently, and the warm weather has caused something strange to grow in our back yard. It is grass! I want to put my toes in it, but it is still baby grass, so I am giving it some time. Oh, yes, I know there are a lot of weeds in it, too. Also, I know the rest of the yard is brown and dirt, but hey, I am excited about the tiny bit of grass growing here. I can't help it as I do not have my dad's green thumb, mine is more blackish, and causes the death of most plants I attempt to grow.


abeNanna said...

I remember that dead horse. It was quite exciting. Do you remember posing like the dead horse????

Yes, washing in hot water is the best. And having a dishwasher that actually does dishes, what a novel concept. Don't prerinse, just load and run, that is the way it should be.

tif-do said...

Glad you are feeling better, and having fun with the no-name pup. I know what you mean about pictures.(although I think yours looks very lovely) I tried to take some self portraits after I saw amies too. They we're horrible. I'm always making a funny face, and I thought when I made that face I looked cute. Here I have a great camera, have had it for over a year, and still don't know how to take a good photo.

Amie said...

Hey, glad you're feeling better, congrats on the dishwasher/hot water solution, and thanks for the kudos! I don't know a bit about photography, but when I take self portraits, I take a TON (because I'm super vain and want every detail perfect). I took one day and played with Picasa a lot, learned a couple of things. I took your picture and tweaked a couple of things. If you send me your email address I'll email it to you. =) amiedanny@msn.com

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