Our puppy is still nameless. Unlike Dacheese, we didn't sit down and go through names last night. In fact, Will was busy helping his friend with his resume. He had to go to the border today, and won't be home until late, so she will be nameless a few more days.

At first she did not like being in the house at all. She prefers to sit on her blankie. She rests there, and gets loved. I can see how rambunctious she will be when she is older. I can see how we will have to watch her with Gwennie. Gwen was knocked over more than once today.

Can you see her pretty spots? Her big spots have brown and black mixed together (brindle? I think.) As anyone who knows me and my choice of cats I am a sucker for a calico cat, and since she is like a calico dog- well, maybe that is why I fell in love with her. Oh, and notice her eye color? Yup, I am finally NOT THE ONLY BROWN EYED member of my immediate family! WHOO HOO! Rhayn said it was ok that we got her because her eyes are brown, and I needed a brown eyed dog.

This is how I was able to post last night, Gwennie was being so quiet. I should have worried. She had found a red lipstick (Rhayn's play make-up.) You can not see how much of it is in her ear. It is still in her ear, red lipstick doesn't come off easily!

All in all, it was a good first day with a puppy. I am sure it will only get harder. So far our cats are not happy, but dealing. Beckham is the most upset. He HISSED at her more than once. He has spent his day all puffed up and miserable. But she hasn't even bothered him at all. He needs to get over it, and figure out he has a great new friend.


Mid-life Midwife said...

cute puppy!
re: lipstick in the ear...
when eamon was around gwennie's age, he had a thing for taking the cap off of a marker and then would twirl it around in his ears like it was a QTip! It seemed the insides of his ears were a different color for months. I forgot all about that weird stage of his til I read your post. :)

Amie said...

He's a really cute puppy! Love those lipstick in the ear moments. How fun that several of you are getting doggies at the same time. Good luck! I think if I ever get a dog I'll call her Sasparilla James. Sassy for short.

Pen-nut said...

Congratulations on the new one in your family. He's cute!!! I love puppies and dogs. Have fun with him.

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