Rhayn and I had a dental appointment yesterday. She went first, because she loves it so much. I sat in a chair while the dentist checked out her new molars (she has three.) Gwennie sat in my lap, her face showing the great concern she had for the metal objects in her sister's mouth.

After a moment, Dr. F said she needs to show me something. So I stand up, and walk over to lean in and look at my daughter's new molars.

Apparently the new molars have come in so quickly that it has created a skin flap from the gum on top of them. This catches food and is causing the tooth, her BRAND NEW TOOTH to decalcify. Instead of her teeth decalcifying the normal way (by eating too many lemons, huh, Mom?) This means if we are not extremely vigilant she will have cavities there before they are completely grown in.


Rhayn has a prescription for fluoride (every other day), and a special toothbrush for just those back teeth. Oh, and also, I am a bad mom, because I don't floss her teeth enough. Her little teeth are crowded in there, with hardly any room between. I think its because she wasn't breastfed. Gwennie has a lovely little gap between her front teeth. She has plenty of room between her others as well. Poor Rhayn may need braces. But that we will have to wait and see for. She will have some sort of sealant on her new molars when they get in all the way.

I did not get to have my teeth cleaned. As soon as I sat in the chair, Gwennie flipped out. She cried. So the dentist, being so patient and understanding, told me we can reschedule. I really like this dentist even though we drive a ways to see her. She does those missions where doctors go to other countries and treat kids who have birth defects that make life hard, like cleft lip/palates. Like this one, Smile Train, and Operation Smile. She has pictures of her on those missions, and that makes me happy. Also, she is very thorough.

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tif-do said...

Kynzie has horrible teeth and I breastfed her the longest. She has caps and fillings and crooked teeth. Its horrible, but Wyatts teeth were horrible too but since his grown up teeth came in he hasn't had one problem and he will get his braces off at the end of summer, moral of the story don't let it bother you, they are baby teeth and it will be okay!

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