I know my head looks massive in this picture. The angle is bad.

For our anniversary this year (four years!) our roommate watched the girls so we could go out for lunch on the actual day.It was nice, leisurely, calm. We ate at Joe's Crab Shack, because eating crab legs with a baby in our lap is not fun, so we thought that would be perfect. It is nice how you can really reconnect over a plate of hot crab legs.

Then on Saturday my parents came up to watch the girls so we could go out for longer than two hours. We headed to the Phoenix Art Museum, which was having a Rembrandt and the Dutch Impressionists exhibit. It cost quite a bit to get in, but we had purchased a membership to the museum a little while ago. That cost $75, for the basic membership, and the exhibit alone cost $18 each. Its nice to know that any time I want, I can go to the art museum, with the girls, and not have to pay anything. I love just heading to the zoo for an hour or so.

The exhibit was breathtaking (and not in a Seinfeld way.) There was one painting that both Will and I fell in love with, so we will be getting a copy of it to hang in the house. Its called Still Life with Fruit and Oysters by Abraham Mignon. I just did a search for it, and only found it on EBay here. Oh well, I will have to keep looking, because I would like a larger print of it than that. The detail on the wine glass is amazing, you can not really see it in that picture, because there is a word across it, but it was so detailed, you could see the window in the artist's studio.

After the art museum, we went for Curry at our favorite restaurant. We really need to find a new favorite curry house, because that one is pretty far from us. We finished up the night by clearance shopping at Target.

It was a good night, and we had lots of quality connecting time. I wish we were able to do it more often. Even if there aren't that many things we would like to do, the time we have together, alone is precious and important to a strong, healthy marriage.

Thank You! to my parents, Thank you for everything. We love you!


abeNanna said...

Glad you were able to get that time together. In the future, when Gwennie is more "house broken" we can borrow them over night and loan you our Yahtzee game. LOL!

dacheese said...

sounds like you had fun! it is great to get alone time with the hubby.

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