Silence is Golden!

I have a moment, to myself. Sweet, sweet silence.

I should really be writing my blurb for the school’s newspaper, I just can’t get myself started. Gwennie was a bear yesterday. She was being such a pain, that even Will commented on it. I think she has hit the “dreadful 16 months!” I just hope it gets better.

This isn’t about her, ok? Its about me. ME ME ME. I need to write about me. Mama Says Om hasn’t posted a new word for this week, and really I have little that I want to write about. I guess I should get to work. I already cleaned our truck’s interior. It was filthy, full of rock hard pieced of In and Out French fries, and cheerios. I wish I could keep the inside clean, but with two little girls, it is a feat only to be attempted by the bravest of moms (or one who doesn’t allow her children to eat in the car!)

Yesterday I went to the grocery store, and it was so beautiful out, I had a hard time coming home. The cold misting rain, the fog that made it feel like I was anywhere but here, it all added up to a nice feeling. Then I came home. The feeling went away, and I wanted to curl in front of the window with a good book. I couldn’t though. Not having a book to read or cooperative children. I ended up just feeling like the day was a total waste. Our Christmas stuff, although boxed up, is still in our closet. Will was busy all day with a really stupid computer game. He had some work on his computer, but the internet was down, and so he played his game.

Ok- enough. I will get stuff done today. I will!

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dacheese said...

I love the rain because we do not have it enough for us to hate it that it is a miracle every time it happens.

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