Four down, One to go.

Here is a picture from last night's wedding. It was lovely, they walked in to the Imperial March (Star Wars.) I am holding a picture of my brother Andrew who is in Iraq, not dead. ( We know its typical to hold a picture of the deceased, usually we just cut and paste the missing brother in later, since it has been quite rare for us all to be home at one time.)This is Rhayn's dress, she was the flower girl, and didn't quite "get" that you are supposed to throw the petals. Oh well, she was super cute anyway, and got a great new dress out of it!

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Alex's Human said...

Oh, what a great picture.. Everyone looks so nice. So sad I couldn't be there.. But I'm so happy for G-rat and purplelurple. Can't wait to see more pics posted on peoples blogs..

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