This morning my friend S called, she has been about ot pop any day now all week, having made it to 36 weeks (her first was born at 34, her second at 35 1/2) so the midwife had said she could stop taking the terbutaline and if her son was ready to come he could. So he was born at 5:20 this morning. She is doing awesome, he was 6 pounds 2 ounces, and she said he was more painful to push out than her nearly 7 pounders had been. But man he is a little doll! She is Pima, and her hubby is part native american as well as Irish (he has red hair and light skin) her other kids look like her, brown skinned and dark hair, but this little man is white. (Well, really he was a nice healthy pink, but not brown!) Its so weird because she said he is not what she was expecting to pop out of her.

The nurses at the hospital were all in awe of Gwennie's cuteness. Can you blame them?

Lately I have noticed that she is going to carry on the proud "Leaner" nickname. She will sit next to you and lean into you, or the couch or whatever is next to her. While standing she does the same thing. Here she is leaning on a stool. This super cute outfit is sized18 months, and it fit Rhayn when she was nearly 2. It is supposed to be capri pants, but I am sure it will not fit her if she gets any bigger. Look at that adorable budda belly! Man, I am still so very much in love with this girl! Although seeing that tiny baby boy, and holding him, stroked the heartstrings. I am not ready for another baby! I do have boy envy, having only girls I look at boy clothes and boy shoes, and hope someday to have my little brown-eyed boy to love and cherish. My little boy, possibly Liam, or William? Or maybe Hayden? I don't know what we'll name him, but I am sure that we will have him someday. Rhayn talks about her little brother, and asks when he will get here sometimes. I just have to tell her to wait, because we are enjoying Gwennie right now, and are not ready for him to make an appearance! Maybe when she is 3? Haha, I guess we'll just have to wait and see, won't we?

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dacheese said...

That is so exciting! I am so happy for S! Seeing little babies makes me want one but also reminds me why i am not ready for another one.

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