Ranting and Raving

Bug is now on her way to being "Up to date" on her vaccinations. Yeah.... (hear the enthusiasm? NOT.)

The doctor made me a little upset, but it didn't register until I was recanting what he said to Will later.

Bug stats:
27 1/2 inches
20 pounds 14 ounces
head circumference of 45 centimeters

So about 50% percentile for length and 85% for weight. Since she has been hovering around 20 pounds since 6 months this is NOT A BIG DEAL TO ME. But they don't have her chart since we haven't been in since she was 2 weeks old. So, he told me she is big. Then proceeded to ask how she eats. She JUST barely started eating solid foods. She really wasn't interested in them at all, and I wasn't pushing her.

He asked how much milk she gets, I told him that roughly she nurses about 8 times a day and the times I have pumped its been about 4 ounces. That is about 32 ounces. Pretty good, I thought. No, the doctor thinks she needs to EAT MORE SOLID FOOD. Grrrr.... He said "Stop offering her the bottle (but I breastfeed, I retorted) and offer her some finger foods." Um, NO. I think if she WANTS food she lets me know, if she wants nummies, I will give them to her. It has been proven that a child is interested in solid food when he or she is READY to eat them, not before. Madder was ready earlier, she loves to eat and tears up some food, Bug is not a big eater. Which is healthier? Neither, they are both doing/eating what is best for them.

It just seems crazy to me that the doctor would say something like that. I mean she is obviously healthy, she is getting practice eating. Breast milk is best up to the first year, and even beyond. There is NO reason to force her to eat more solids if she is not ready. He was so stuck on the "normal" mama who bottle feeds, that no matter how many times I said "But she is nursing/breastfeeding/has breastmilk" he would say "formula/bottle" grrrr.... listen to your patient. Admittedly he was under stress, because the office we go to is a teaching office and he was under "exams" that day so the whole visit was videotaped (I signed a release, because I feel like that is a good one, and I was hoping for a vaccination fight!)

See, none of that registered until I was leaving the office, because I was stressing about her getting shots. She had 3, and has to go back in 5 weeks for her next set. They didn't seem to mind that I hadn't brought her in for them, in fact they didn't say a word about that. I had gone in their armed with some information backing up MY claim for delaying vaccines. But I didn't get any resistance. Maybe because I waited to take her in until I was ready for her shots to start? I mean if I had taken her in at 2 months when shots are given, I would have had to fight with them about NOT poking my baby. I think I did it the right way. If she had been ill, and I had to take her in, I would have been ready for the fight. Luckily I didn't and when we took her in to the urgent care they didn't even look at her shot record.

Poor Buggie is sleepy from the shot. She has been napping a lot since getting them. The scream that came out of her---- oh man it hurt. It was like a tiny horror film scream. Like the zombies were after her, or maybe Freddy Krueger was invading her dreams. I think she is going to be a bit of a drama queen. (I also think she will be a lefty, she usually rakes food into her mouth with her left hand.)


tif-do said...

To fat, to skinny, to big of a head, eats to much, eats to little, SHE SLEEPS IN YOUR BED???, I've heard it all, in one ear out the other, and always feel like saying "Just do your job, and leave me alone to mother my child thanks." If it was something that concerns you, worry about it, if not trust yourself.

leaner said...

nice poem! lol!
the funny part is that they- like all doctors think that it IS their job to tell us how to mother and what is wrong with our children... and you know whatever is wrong is somehow our fault. "Oh you drank too much soda while pg, that is why she is small" argh... well at least I am not alone in this one!

abeNanna said...

How did any of us survive childhood? The rules change with each child. There was the "don't feed them solids until they are six months" to "start them on solids by the time they are six weeks old". "Don't let them stand on their feet until they are seven months old" "Don't" "Don't" "Don't". The more you read the less you know, which explains doctors and lawyers doesn't it????

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