I went to the doctor today, and I must say I miss my midwife. The guy was in and out in like 5 minutes. I told him I had redness and a lump, that had not gone away with massage and nursing, and he looked at it (you can see it) then touched it and said "here is a prescription for a type of penicillin." Fun fun.
I miss sitting and talking with someone about my health, and the issues I am having. I know I called in last minute and they worked me in as a between patients, patient. Still, it would have been nice to ask him about the cold I had for 3 weeks, have him check my throat and all that. I feel run down, and I know its from the mastitis, but I really just feel crappy, and wanted a reaffirmation that I am ok and it will all go away when the infection does.
I did go from a sort of sinus infection to this infection within weeks. I didn't take anything for the other one, it worked itself out on its own, but this one doesn't seem to be getting better on its own.
Seriously I need a nap, and rest, so I am headed for some couch time, hopefully Bug lets me nap (by napping with me!)

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Mid-life Midwife said...

Are there any good naturopaths near you? someone who will take the time to assess everything in your life? nutrition, adequate sleep, fluids, emotions, environment, etc.
it sounds like you have kind of already pointed out some obvious deficiencies,like getting not so much sleep as you're trying to heal from a cold, etc. sometimes it's just very validating to hear a "professional" give you some tips on what you need to do to get back on track. and hearing their advice usually makes you follow it better too. the prescription for ABX will work in the short-term, but think about getting some health advice for general up-keep as a busy mom. most naturopaths, homeopaths will have an initial consultation for at least 1-2 hours the first time they meet you. it's very much like meeting with a midwife! everyone deserves that type of respect with their healthcare.

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