Making up her own Lyrics!

We went to church on Sunday with my family, and Rhayn learned a new song.
The mother's day song.
Mother I love you Mother I do Father's in heaven and I'm here with you.

HAHA! I tried to tell her it says "Father in Heaven has sent me to you." But she said "No its father is in heaven." pause "Why did the father died?"

We have also been listening to a LOT of Ramones lately. There is a song that says "I don't care" over and over. Every time he croons "I don't care," Rhayn replies with "Yes you do." She loves to sing along with the Ramones in the car, and hey, so do I!

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hairball said...

Tee Hee. When I was working in primary kids asked me a lot little questions like that. Thanks for our "spiritual" discussion at sonic yestereday. It opened my eyes and maybe that is why I am so bummed lately. I just need to get back on track

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