I know I posted about Rhayn being sick, well now Bug has it, too. She is hot and snuggly (is it bad that I am kind of enjoying her being sick? I enjoy Rhayn's illnesses in this way,too. Sooo snuggly!)

Bug has had a fever that is hovering around 101 today. I am watching it, and if it gets higher I might give her medicine. Will asked me if I have given her anything, but I think if she has a fever that obviously her body needs to fight the illness invading her cells. So I let it. I just watch her very close.

She has been attached to my boob all day, but I am slightly engorged, she must not be actually eating. Right now, her warm little body is splayed across my lap.

Poor Bug.

Rhayn seems to be feeling better, she is still sneezing a bit and sounds stuffy, but she is better.


dacheese said...

poor neaners! but at the same time snuggly is good. madders has a runny runny nose:-(

Mid-life Midwife said...

homeopathic Belladonna is great for fevers in little ones. if you have it. i'm lazy about fevers. same camp as you: the body is doing its job. however, belladonna seems to help with both spikey kid fevers and sudden headaches.

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