I am SO not a soccer mom!

Ok, so I drive and SUV. I am a mom. I even (gasp) bought a pair of "work out" pants at Walmart yesterday. It does NOT make me a soccer mom! Does it?

This morning, I donned my new pants and sports bra (had to buy a bigger one to accommodate my milk filled mammary glands) and walked around the area. I grimaced the whole time, because , if you remember I broke my toe a few weeks ago. Well yesterday I whacked my poor, not quite healed toe on a dolly in our garage. So its painful and throbbing again. Well I did my walk, and was feeling pretty good. I like this, it gives me "ME" time and I really need it! I got back to the house around 7 and opened all of the windows to let in fresh air. Then I went to wake up Will and Bug (nothing is cuter than a daddy and his baby girl sleeping away in bed next to eachother!)

After Will got dressed and came downstairs, he told me I was in FULL SOCCER MOM GEAR TODAY.

Grrr.... he really knows how to push my trying to be unique buttons, doesn't he?

But I have to admit, if I saw me on the streets I would think "soccer mom" and well maybe I do need to dye my hair that pretty purple I have sitting in the closet... soccer moms don't have purple hair, do they?

(*I am not against "soccer moms!" I just don't see myself as one! And for Will to tell me that I look like one... welp, its like telling me that I look like my mom! Um, wait he once told me that I dress like her, so maybe he is just asking for no sex for a long while, isn't he? And mom, sorry... I love you, but I don't want to dress like you!---- just want to add, I am joking about withholding sex, I never do that. I think its a funny thing to talk about!)


tif-do said...

Okay, You are right, you are not a soccer mom. Soccer moms are high stress, ladies, that go go go. They don't have ME time, because they are so busy running thier kids to soccer practice, piano lessons, dance class, art class, and gymnastics. They are so busy enriching their kids lives, they forget to spend time with them themselves. At least that's what I think a soccer mom is.
As for the uniqueness, I actually have a friend that once she turned 30, got 3 tattoos, dyed her hair a blackish purple color, and went to 4 Green Day concerts in a matter of months. I say whatever makes YOU happy.

leaner said...

Thanks, I am not a high stress person. In fact I am suffering because of a LITTLE stress in the form of my class... its over half way done, I can see the END, but I am stressing soo hard about it. It has caused depression and lack of sleep... I do not do stress. Will, on the other hand, doesn't function properly UNLESS he is stressed (high levels cause him to get sick, did you read that study about stress weakening the immune system?)

I think its important to enrich your child's life, but spending time w/ them is SOOOO much more important!

hairball said...

Moomy group is most likely going to the zoo next wednesday (I think) You are welcome to join us or you and I can just have a separate day to ourselves. whatever. You know me, I could go to the zoo everyday if there is a reason for it anyway.

Mid-life Midwife said...

if you are a soccer mom, then you're a really tough-looking soccer mom with a cool hair-do.
Are there Riot Grrrrl Soccer Moms?
Yaay team! Where's those little donut things?

TLC said...

how about finding some workout clothes that look more like the "yoga master?" so when you walk into a room, Will will say - "man, you look so ZEN!"

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