Amarillo by Morning

The wedding is over. It was so beautiful. I think it was the prettiest wedding I have ever been to! SLO (now she is SLA) looked so lovely in her white dress, and JVA was glowing in a cowboy-cut tux and hat, he looked so handsome. He usually has red cheeks, but his whole face was red and I have never seen him look so ecstatic! The kids, G-Rat's and Rhayn were so cute in yellow. The girls walked barefoot down the aisle with flowers. Seriously it was so beautiful. The place was neat, its called the Shenandoah Mill.

My dad didn't stop smiling all night long, I think it was his happiest wedding (probably because there was no baby on the way in this one! I know it would have been even happier had it been in the temple, but I am sure that is only a year away for these two!)

There was dancing and fun, the food was excellent. They even had a great dj! (it was a dance all night to this dj kind of dj!)

I didn't get Will to dance, but I watched Rhayn shake her booty to some music. When the dj said he was playing a little rock and roll (Sweet Home Alabama) she banged her head and twirled and kept her little self moving the whole time. She has a rhythm that seems to not have come from either of her parents! (it is however apparent in her Aunt Meh Meh- dacheese.)

Today we are headed to Cooltown to watch them open gifts and hang out with the family. I am feeling the tiniest bit jealous because of the beautiful ceremony. The thing I wish I had most of all are the pictures that they will have, beautiful pictures in a beautiful place of a beautiful happy day.

I hope at some point everyone has a day as happy as this one was. Full of smiles, and laughter and hugs, kisses and dancing.

What a beautiful life it is sometimes.


TLC said...

It sounds so beautiful and what cute photos of everyone. Thanks for posting!

hairball said...

Everything was so perfect. I couldn't stop staring at jesse and your dad. I don't believe i have ever seen them so happy before. well almost everything was perfect....maybe a little too much cousin eddie.

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