5 Months

My Darling Big Fat Baby Bug,

Oh how we will have scarred you by calling you that! I hope that you know that your daddy and I calling you “Big Fat” or “BFB” is only because you are a chunk. You weigh in at about 18 pounds, at 5 months old that is quite hefty. You are the “Chunk of the Month!” (As your grandma likes to say.) I am just impressed daily by you, and everything about your chunky, lovely body.

Recently you have been really working on a tooth. There is never a time that you are not covered in drool, and I love it. You blow bubbles, and spit your drool at people. It is so fun to watch. (As long as it doesn’t get in my eyes!)

Your sister loves you so much, she will talk to you for hours. She can make you laugh harder than anyone else. She sits by you and says “I would like a HAM burger, Stinky Butt!” and you laugh, your deepest manly baby laugh. She wants to hold you, but since you weigh half what she does, its not so easy anymore. Plus, you are a wiggle worm.

I think you may have reached no going out point, what with the freak outs at night if we are in the car and the unhappiness when you have to sit still in a restaurant. Plus you have noticed the outside world, and most of the time it is more interesting than food, so my nipple ends up hanging out as you suck suck suck for a minute then pull away to look around. Then suck suck suck again. It’s a good thing you eat all night long, or you might starve.

If I set you on the floor and put your legs just so you can sit all by yourself. Believe me, you love that! You turn yourself over so fast its like you flip. I lay you on your back and BAM! You are on your tummy reaching for whatever is closest!

Then there are your hands, oh my, your hands are on everything! They grab food and hair and my keyboard when I try to type. You are adept at getting nearly anything in your mouth. We have tried giving you a little bit of food, some curry the other night and some chutneys. SO far the flavors have all agreed with you. You still don’t eat food, only taste it. Your tongue thrust is quite good at pushing every morsel out. Good thing, too because the other day you filled your mouth with a hunk of naan and I don’t know if daddy realized it. You all of a sudden spit it out, though and everything was fine.

All I can say is that so far these 5 months have been a breeze, and you are still the best baby. My big fat sweet chunka the month Bug. I love you.

~Your Mama,
the milk machine

In just a few days your big sister turns 5. I can not believe she has gotten this big or this old. How did that happen? Why can’t we pause time, and just enjoy that toddlerhood a little longer, or the infancy. I am not ready to be a mama whose child goes to school, KINVERGARTEN! As Rhayn calls it. I am just not ready!

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