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Let’s just start this by the admission that I am a trekkie.

Ok, now don’t laugh because I have never denied this, in fact of you come to my house and walk up my stairs there is a mirror with pictures in it, and one of the pictures happens to be Spock (the other side holds a picture of my brother JVA, but that is another story all together.) I am a true blue member of the Star Trek fan club. I can talk about Picard (and if you were also privy to the birth of our daughter, you will know that my first statement about how she looked was “She looks like Jean Luc Picard.” And she did, so deal with me calling my baby the Captain of the USS Enterprise, it did raise certain…um… questions from Will. But of course Bug is his, and not the secret love child of Patrick Stewart and myself.)

I luckily married a man who also likes Star Trek. This gives us things to talk about as we watch The Next Generation on DVD for the 4th or 5th time this year.

Recently we have been watching Babylon 5. It is supposed to be one of the best SciFi shows, and I am not sure I agree. The writing is ok, the story seems well thought out, and I guess if you want to see this world projected into the 22nd century, with drug problems and corrupt government officials it is ideal. There are wars and fighting amongst our selves. However I want to think that the Star Trek world is more likely. I want to imagine that someday we will all realize that money is bad, and will be able to form an alliance or Federation with other planets and other species. I hope that we will end hunger on Earth, and live in peace more or less.

I know that B5 is more realistic. We’ll gain the ability to travel space, but it won’t take the conspiracies out of our race. We will still be the same, if we don’t destroy our planet first. (The most likely future for the human race.)

I haven’t figured the future according to George Lucas in to this, because I am unable to keep my eyes open during and of the six Star Wars movies, and its even less of a future I want to consider. I know its still more likely than humans working together for the common good of the planet and race.

I am not getting into the off shoots of Star Trek, well other than TNG. Here is a short quip to why I don’t like them.

Enterprise, HELLO! They meet BORG! Um, didn’t Q show them the Borg in TNG? Guinan (Whoopi Goldberg) tells Picard that they weren’t supposed to meet the Borg for a long time, but Q was showing his power and telling the humans that they are not as strong as they think. (Tell me if I am wrong about that.) So the crew of Enterprise NX-01 meeting the Borg ruined that whole series for me, and that was like the second season. I am still at a loss.

Then there is Voyager, there is very little to make this series enjoyable. The plots are all rip offs of other ST series. SInce Will forced himself to sit through all of the seasons of Voyager and he said he felt like it was a large waste of time, me, I didn’t bother. I trust him. The only reason some watch this one is for Seven of Nine's big knockers. She is ok to look at but seriously, with no Picard or Spock in this series, the future looks bleak.

I haven't ventured to try any others. Deep Space Nine, scares me. Someday I am sure I will check it out, but until then, I will continue to rewatch TNG.

The United Federation of Planets is the future, at least it’s the way I want to see our future.

*I just want to say, that I wrote that Picard was the Captain of the Enterprise-D, then lay awake part of the night, knowing that was wrong. Oh, the life of a trekkie!

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