No Car

Hairball and I had scheduled a zoo trip today. It figured that last night Will would come home and tell me that I would be car less all day. The brakes are bad and he needs to replace them. I am glad that he is a handy man and able to change brakes, because I sure can’t. It just stinks that we were stuck here all day. Ok, maybe not. I strapped on the Bug and we went out to the park. It was a little warm (mid 70s I think) but otherwise a nice day.

I had also planned to go and get my books for my class that starts (GASP!) Monday! I think I am a little stressed about that. I still haven’t changed my last name through the college, I thought I had, but apparently I am still, well my maiden name. I am looking forward to taking another step towards my associates’ degree, but at the same time, it’s always a bit scary to take a class. This is a biology class, too. Science- scary!

I think that I have more classes to take than I originally thought, apparently a few of my classes, such as Women in US History do not transfer. (It should satisfy a social science, I think. But the advisor didn't mark it off, nor did she use it for an elective.) It always happens that way, doesn't it? Just when you think you are so close they slap you in the face and say "Nope."


hairball said...

eewwww, i can see up your nose!!!

leaner said...

you can see up Bug's nose, too. I just thought it was a cool angle!

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