There is a first time for everything, right? Hopefully this was also the LAST!
At 5 am, I woke up to go pee. Someone woke up with me, she lay in bed smiling and cooing, and being generally as cute as can be. However I had a horrible- bad enough I took Sudafed- sinus headache. My head was pounding and I wanted to sleep. “No,” she says, “I want to play!”
5:15, she ate and then rolled around to play some more.
5:30, we went downstairs so she wouldn’t keep daddy awake, and she played on the floor and I lay on the couch feeling like death.
5:50 back upstairs and sitting in the rocking chair, she finally calms down.
6 am, I am holding a sleeping baby, can I put her to bed and climb under the covers and snuggle with Will?
No. Back to the chair.
I woke up again at 6:30 stiff neck from sleeping in a chair. But she was asleep and easily moved, ah finally I can snuggle Will.
7 am, the alarm goes off. But we lay in bed until 7:30, just holding each other. Luckily my headache was managed, at some point the medicine I took helped, otherwise I would still be in bed, moaning, as a chunka lay by me playing, again.

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bornagain said...

Hello, did you know that God loves you?

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