May years ago today, in a small Arizona town a baby was born. She was the last child born, a baby sister with 2 older sisters and 3 older brothers. She was probably doted upon, and loved immediately by her family.

Over the years she has grown into a wonderful mother. She bore 5 children of her own, but always had a place in her home for strays. There were friends that were having a hard time at home, foster children, and pets a plenty. Camping trips took place, in far off places because of the love of the outdoors. Dull moments were rare. Girl Scout troop meetings and pinewood derby races. Piano playing, singing and games. Sewing dresses and toys. Christmas-time baking filled the house with smells of chocolate and spice. It was a nice place to grow up. Stable and secure.

Time keeps flying, and now she is older, and has become a grandma. Her grandchildren are spoiled and loved rotten.

She is my mom.
And I love her.
Happy Birthday.

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dacheese said...

Yeah MOMMYS BIRFDAY! My friends always said they wished there families and home felt as safe and comfortable as ours!

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