Left and Right!

I am so impressed with Rhayn. I mean she amazes me all of the time. But yesterday Will showed me something that our amazing girl can do. She knows right from left. Now I think and Will agrees (because both of us are ambidextrous to a point, I write with my left and he writes with his right, but we use the other hand just as much for other things like I am a right handed scissor user) that maybe its because she is thoroughly right handed. She is not confused by her lefts and rights like I am. The only way I can tell for sure is by biting my lip. See I have a scar from a lip ring on the RIGHT side of my lip, and so I bite down a little and feel that, and therefore IT IS RIGHT!

Rhayn knows her right and left, what a glorious day. It almost makes up for her not being able to read at 4 years old.

And Happy Valentine's Day for all of you. Hope its a romantic day! We don't really celebrate it, because our anniversary (which is a million times more important) is the 22nd of this month. Will said it sucks that our anniversary is this month. Think of my poor dad, my mom's birthday is the tomorrow I think that is worse. I picked the 22nd because then our anniversary is 2/22. I thought it would be easier for Will to remember.

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