I feel...Purple

When you are nauseous you feel green, when you are sad you feel blue. So what about when you have trouble breathing because your throat feels 1/2 its normal size and your lungs feel compressed? I think purple is a good description (since if you stopped breathing you would turn purple, right?) I like the color purple, and green. So I don't want to use it to describe a sick feeling, but I need a color for this.

I woke yesterday with the worst kind of migraine headache . After a hot shower and some medication it seemed to go away. SO we got dressed and went to the Desert Botanical Garden (and got a membership, so if anyone wants to go, let me know! I am sure there is a virtual cache or 2 there, MOM.) Then we were to go meet Will's army comrades for lunch at Buca de Beppos. The only other time I have been there to eat was with Hairball and it was after going to the DBG! (also about 4 years ago... wow.)

We left the restaurant and I suddenly started feeling a lot more crappy. My throat was hurting. So when we got home and I lay on the couch. Nothing helped. At 8 as I was putting Rhayn to bed, making sure she brushed her teeth and read her a story, I started shivering uncontrollably. I also hacked up some blood laced, mauve colored mucous. So I went to bed, and watched Harry Potter 1 and 2 and Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. (sort of in and out of all of those, as I was trying to sleep.) At about 2 am I woke up and took some tylenol, because I was hurting. My fever had reached 102 and was keeping me awake. As soon as I lay back down I feel asleep and woke up 10 minutes later drenched in sweat. At that point I could turn the fan back on and not sleep under the 3 blankets I had myself covered in.

It was a long night, and I am not tired right now, but my head just aches and my throat, even with chloreseptic still doesn't feel any better. I don't know what to do,I guess its a good thing its Sunday and Will is home. So maybe I can take a nap later. I hope so, because I was supposed to go meet friends tomorrow, I really want to go!

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dacheese said...

I feel a lil' purle but mostly red

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