I feel... Purple, part 2

I am headed to the doctor this afternoon, this funk in my throat is hurting me even more, and although when I woke up my ears didn't hurt, they do now. What a miserable day. Will offered to stay home today,and I totally wish I'd taken him up on the offer. It is going to be hard taking my sick self and 2 kiddos to the doctor. I am also feeling nauseous. Bleh, I think its from swallowing mucous, but I don't know. I don't feel stuffy, and only occasionally have to blow my nose.

Right now the Bug is happily bouncing in her Jumperoo. I never thought she would like it but she'll sit and bounce for like 15 minutes before she gets ready to be held again. (It gives me time to post on here or to do a little homework. Its actually good.)

Last night Will and I were watching Going Tribal, and they were in some tiny village in India. There were all of these old ladies wearing babies. It was cool. I am totally going to be making an ABC or Mei Tei this week, if I start feeling better and can get to the fabric store. I like the interchangable kind, there are always fabrics that I totally love and would like to have something changeable. How neat would that be! I am into making one of those because, although I love the wrap, I am thinking it will be 100 degrees plus in a few months, am I realy going to want to have 5 yards of fabric wrapped around me? Yuck! I already get too hot in it sometimes.

There was a meeting of the babywearers in Phoenix today, luckily it was cancelled. That means that if I feel better tomorrow (and am not contagious!) I might get to go! I was really sad about not going, so we took a shower and I was tempted to go and just stay back from everyone. I am quite glad its been postponed. Ok, I think I am done babbling.

*********************I emailed Will, and asked him to come home and take me to the doctor. He is, so now I am going to lay on the couch and try to take a nap. With everything hurting these past couple of day I haven't gotten much sleep.


dacheese said...

I now have got scott sick:-( I hope you feel better... DO not get everyone in your family sick. Madders got us all sick!

I think that the Mei Tei is really COOL!!

leaner said...

well, if the mei tei works out well (me making it) then we'll make you one, too!

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