Lots to say?

TLC was writing about weaning, and I felt a stab of pain. Honestly at this point I don't want Bug to ever wean, nursing her is my reward. It means so much to me to be able to put her to my breast, and I know I have written about it many times, but it hasn't changed. In fact those feelings have gotten stronger as I look down at those beautiful blue-for-now eyes and her chubby little thighs are pumping away as she gulps down on the best stuff ever.

But in other ways I can understand how TLC feels. The marathon nursing days have been here, especially after a long weekend with a cold, she nursed and nursed trying to catch up. She has also been nursing more at night, kicking me and searching out my warmth. I am still ok with this, but she is only 3 months old.

On other notes, hairball has mentioned "lengthy SCREAMING trips" to home. Let me tell you all a little bit about them. First of all, Collin is such a sweet soul that he doesn't understand crying. When another child cries it upsets him and he cries. So we get in the car and drive to hour trip to Cool-town. Bug was good for the most part. She didn't get upset on the way there. However on the way home she cried from about 10 minutes out of town, this caused Collin to cry, which made Bug more upset and that made Collin scream. OH. THE. SCREAMING. I thought my head would pop. We had to stop and calm them down as soon as we could, but we were driving across the Rez at night. So as soon as we got into town we stopped and calmed them, and then back into the car as it started again.
I love that little guy, but we will NOT BE TRYING THAT AGAIN! NO WAY!

This morning I woke up feeling a lot better, still a little sneezing and still a little stuffy. However I feel like taking on the world and by that I mean the mess that is my house. I want to get everything cleaned up so that if I feel good still tomorrow we can go and visit the "cool" family.

Bug is really progressing, she can hold herself up, but still has no desire to move from her spot. She has this uncanny ability to fling herself forward when she is propped upright. She can stay in a sitting position for a few seconds. No rolling over, however she can get herself off of her face when she tips over. She is just such a joy to have. We are so very very very lucky!


dacheese said...

It is amazing how much little babies can scream... Madison isnt crying as much it is a squeel to get my attention now. It is adorable. Even when we are praying! She wants to pray too.

TLC said...

Just added a second part to my blog. I do LOVE nursing more than anything but a mom has a right to sleep all night. There's only so much she can take before enough is enough! Crispin somehow crawls into my arms and rolls himself up and looks like a little little all over again. It's so endearing! When he unrolls himself, he's like a big o' boy w/ long legs.

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