Busy Saturday

After a week of feeling under the weather, we decided that going to my parents house on Friday night would be the best thing. I loaded up my girls and some supplies and we were off.

Saturday dawned a beautiful day and Scott and Jesse had gone hunting, but only brought home a sparrow.

After very little discussion, we all decided it was a perfect day for a hike, and getting out of the house is always an insurer of a better family time. We loaded up and headed out for a quick spin (that included 3 geocaches of course you can't have a hike or outing with out finding one, that is why my mom and dad have 406 finds!)

Upon arriving dacheese and I strapped on babies. I used this wrap, it holds them close and is very comfortable. dacheese used an infantino baby carrier. It looked uncomfortable and actually painful on the back (the straps are small and seem to cut into the back.) The hike wasn't a long one at all, just a few little jaunts off the trail to find caches hidden up a ways. The first and last I didn't do (being so darn out of shape I was huffing and puffing up the hills, and still not feeling 100% after this cold.) Rhayn made it to all of them, although she did get carried a few times by a grandpa and an uncle Jesse.

After going back to my parents', mom decides "one more cache" and we head to the ruins in town. Its a virtual and you have to find the answers to some questions, then email them to the cachemaker and find out if you are correct. So we'll see if it was right.

She also had found a few places she wanted to place caches and being a cache-place-ing virgin, she was getting a lot of crap from her sister and some other friends who cache. So she placed her first ones. I won't mention much more about that since I don't know who reads this and who caches in their area.

My plan was to leave my parents before 5, because Bug takes a nap at that time, and maybe she'd sleep all the way home. It didn't happen as we just kept talking. Finally I got us in the car and out the door. We made it down the block and I suddenly had a strong urge to stop and Great Grandma's. I often forget to visit her, so this urge made me stop. We pulled up to her house and I had Rhayn run up to ring the bell. It took a few minutes as she was in the kitchen, but she answered and we went inside to chat.

I am really glad we stopped, because I know that her beautiful face may not be with us much longer, and I know that I will never regret being home late as much as I may regret not spending more time with her. I love that old lady, and can't imagine what life will be like when she is gone, but I know that we will all keep living. I know that she will be happy and that no matter what she will be remembered. There is no one more caring as she is. Her friendly nature extends all over the church that we had gone to for years, but often times we are known as "Sister Carter's family" even though we have been there way longer. She is just a strong presence in everything she does. I am so glad to call her Grandma.

Grandma remembered that she needed to give Bug a pillowcase doll, and when she asked I told her that Rhayn had never gotten one either. She pulled out the few she has left and we picked out 2, one made by Auntie Florence, and one by her Grandma Fazendean (not sure of that spelling.) These are such special dolls and will be placed in that lovely cedar chest "Santa" gave me for Christmas.

Our ride home was fairly uneventful, except for an accident that was being cleaned up. It took us about 30 minutes to get about 4 miles, and I wonder if that accident has anything to do with me delaying our departure, I mean if I had left when I wanted to, we may very well have been in that accident. Instead, we only had to wait in the car for a time, while they swept the road. I am thankful that we made it home safely and that we were able to visit our family.


TLC said...

LOVE your wrap! Did you *make* it yourself? - What is it like 100 yards of material ;)Yeah, certain carriers are NOT made for hiking in. Check out the ergo carrier - PRICEY! I have a friend who came over with over 30 - count them 3-0 slings that she had bought. She had a sling for every occasion - shower ones, fancy ones, hiking one, walk the dog if the weather is a bit chilly ones, walk the dog if it's hotter than hell ones....the list went on and on.
Glad you got to see the gram's this weekend! I was feeling sorry for myself on how no family has come out to visit since my mom when Crispin was a month and then I totally remembered Gram's visit this past summer and I was like "Yeah - that was awesome!" I'm still finding needles and pills under the couch cushions or in the dresser she used. I have her old purse that she was going to throw out. I thought the kids would have fun playing dress up with it and it's a part of her that I can keep around that isn't up high or in a safe spot. Well, I have written a book, but I couldn't sleep so I thought I would come down and drink some sleepy tea instead of tossing and turning. Bye!

abeNanna said...

That is a great picture of Rhayn and G'G'ma. Glad you stopped by to see her, I don't know where the week went and I swore we wouldn't let another week go by without a visit. Guess that wasn't a very good resolution, we'll have to start over this week.

leaner said...

tlc- no, only 5 yards! lol
i only have 6 baby carriers. 3 slings, the NNBC, and 2 wraps (its from a 60 inch wide 5 yd piece of fabric- i made 2 for myself and one for dacheese.) i am always looking at fabric, for a new sling, since one of them is a Christmas one :)

mom- that pic is from Christmas. I know it was hard to make myself stop at first- but that feeling was overwhelming, and I knew it had to be done. I HAD TO STOP, no choice at all. I love the old lady. She really needs us to visit more.

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