I am about to embark on a journey with my girlies. I am heading out to Rio Salado Community College to speak to an advisor and find out if any of my classes have "expired" I am hoping not (like, it would stink to take Eng 101 again!) But I think I am well on my way to my AGS, and if I can finish it in the next 6 months, then YIPPEEE! For me! Because I will be one step closer to finding my fit in life.

Will is always telling me that I am close to 30 and don't have any idea what I am doing in life. Well at this moment being a mom and making Milk are the most important things. I know that someday I will need to be more, be a career girl. I know that while I am home, I can finish up a few classes needed for my associates. Come on, I am a slacker, have been attending college for 10 years and have nothing to show for it! Jesse took the "wham bam thank you ma'am" approach to college and actually has an associates degree, after only a few years. I really need to get my butt in gear!

New years resolution? I think so! That and getting in shape! WHOO HOO!!! (Normally I don't make them because I have never succeeded in any! So this year, I made 2 and I WILL SUCCEED!)

********added later************
It was an interesting day. I went to the college and have to wait a week or so to find out what classes are "exceptable" so I'll know next week what I need to take.

We went shopping, and walked around Trader Joe's. There was a farmer's market going on and it was so neat to see all of that lovely fresh fruits and vegetables! Mmmm. Maybe I'll makeit back next week and actually BUY some!

Ah, glad my day is over, though. I am ready for some rest!


abeNanna said...

"You can do it!" Quote from the Waterboy.

TLC said...

Good for you! How exciting! What would you like to do in the future? You are not lame - look at Clint, he's been in school since the year slade was born!
I just talked to Clint about these two jobs and what kind of degree would I need for them. If I had a choice I would love to be able to volunteer as much in things that matter to me. You never know - we might be in a position some day where Clint is very successful in areas that he enjoys w/ all his heart and I could be volunteering while living off one income. An opportunity has come up as a volunteer w/ home-less PREGNANT women teaching them skills such as knitting and quilting. A couple of moms in my group and I are going to do it. I'm so excited! I was just about to blog about this subject - I will try to get it in soon!

lvh said...

Yeah - you can do it. Just take a class here or there and you can finish it up. I went back to school spring semester of 1981 and it took me 2 1/2 years to finish but I actually was able to count a few credits I had taken in 1968. Some things like English never expire I think. Good luck - just remember to keep your priorities straight and number 1 is your hubbie and the precious angels that have been entrusted to your care. love ya.

TLC said...

next time you are in trader joes you have to pick up "brownie truffle baking mix" they are awesome!! if you become addicted - we are not to blame. I warned you!

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