Well back again

For some reason Bug keeps spitting up and seems to be not feeling super. The worst part is that she really wants to be in the swing! I mean I will hold her and cradle her, and feed her. But she will start fussing so I will walk and move and dance and sing. Nothing really helps- then I set her in the swing for a minute and BAM she is calm.
SO I guess, Thanks dacheese! The swing has been a bit of a lifesaver today! (Gave me time to vacuum the house- which it really needed! Without a fussy pants attached to me the WHOLE time!)
I wonder if she is going to get fussier and Madder will become more calm? My SIL said at about 2 months her twins personalities seemed to flip flop- one was high maintenance at birth and at 2 months he started to calm down, then the other who had been calm needed attention (and still does!) So only time will tell, but I am hoping- for dacheese's sake- that Madder calms down and becomes a delightful baby! (I am sure she will once she can be on the move!)

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