Run Run RUN!!

Tuesday was a busy day. I feel like I spent all day running around like a chicken with my head cut off.

Hairball needed a truck to go to Cool-town, so I drove her. She needed to give her brother his Christmas gift early. He goes a little crazy decorating his house for Christmas and NEEDED this! Hairball made it what do you think?Isn't she talented? (look its Malcolm sized!)

I took a picture of me holding Madder. She and Bug could not look much different! You really can't tell how different in this picture. But believe me- in person they are total opposites, and I- not being at all prejudiced- think Bug is cuter. Madder is a cutey, too. She has sucha strong personality that I love to watch her. She talks and moves and is just going to be so fun when she can walk! (Like her cousin Rhayn!) I had to give dacheese about 50 diapers that my chunk has outgrown. For about a week she has been wearing them a bit um- too small- and hairball jinxed me, She asked me how they were not leaking. So it happened more than once, the leak. Plus they were leaving marks on her poor chunka thighs. That I guess is what happens when your baby is a fatty! (Yeah for baby fat! It is adorable!)

I have been feeling quite down in the dumps. Really having a hard time this year. As long as I keep running I feel like Christmas won't catch up to me, and I can delay it. I don't know what exactly is missing or what I feel like I have forgotten, but its taking a toll on me. Last night I broke down and had a good long cry, because I feel so overwhelmed. I think it might be a tiny bit of baby blues mixed with seasonal depression. I don't exactly know what to do to change my feelings, today I have to run some more and get groceries (and hopefully not go out again for a couple of days.) Then I hope the baking can commence and I will feel an uplifting of spirit as well as maybe just feeling happy for the day.


dacheese said...

That is a cute pic and yes hairball is talented. I put a makey pic but I will put the pic of Madder in the Hopsickle up soon just been busy wrapping presents. I have actually wrapped all of scotts. I broke down and bought madder the very hungry capatiller book! OH WELL... it is worth the money...

TLC said...

That is cool! Clint, Jack and Slade are Simpson's fans, they would appreciate those if they saw them. She is pretty talented! She has a lucky brother!
Mads is cute as a button! Sorry to hear you are feeling in the dumps - hope it will pass soon. did you save your placenta? I've heard of people drying it out and crushing it up and putting it into capsules and taking it for PPD. I can't remember why it's supposed to be really good. I was stuck at the "drying it out" phase. Have fun at your bake-fest!

leaner said...

tlc- EWW!!! I didn't want to save my placenta. i sort of wish we'd done the art work with it, but its so bloody and i was so out of it at that time.
I am feeling better today, the baking helped a little. another thing that helped- lots of deep cleansing breaths and a few yoga poses. I think I was holding a lot fo tension on. I am about to go and repeat that from last night... breathe in- breathe out.

dacheese-all books are worth the money! BOOKS are the best! LOL

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