In Which I Get to be the WEIRDO!

The birth circle was a bit strange last night, I did get to hear a few of the "I am Superwoman" birth stories, but it was not the normal birth circle that I had come to expect. First of all, the "normal" women were not there. They were off attending to their own families I guess.

The person who was leading the meeting HAS NEVER HAD A BABY! GASP! She is sweet and awesome and sent me a TON of material on vaccinations when I asked a few weeks ago (more proof that she DOES NOT HAVE CHILDREN!) But She is so passionate about birth, and the mama, its amazing and I know when she does have a child it will be a truly spiritual experience. She soaks up birth stories like a sponge (like me!) So its fun to tell them to her.

There were also 2 others there with no birth stories, instead they sported large third trimester bellies, bulging out and housing babies that will join the world soon. They were there to hear our stories and find support in this large city. They had heard of the Circle through their prenatal yoga class (something I would have loved to do and I swear I will next time!)

Finally, there were 4 of us with birth stories of our own. One lady who has recently had her 4th child, all in hospitals and she works as a doula. One with 3 children aged 6 to 14, born in hospitals, and also a doula. Another with one child and a truly miraculous hospital birth story that brings tears to the eyes, since she just seemed to feel this real love for her story.
Then there was ME- the WEIRDO!

The ONLY homebirther there!

I am usually surrounded by women at the Birth Circle who have had their babies at home, who have beautiful birth stories and wonderful stories of other births that they have attended (usually they are doulas, or birth advocates.) Usually there are women who feel that home is the safest, best place for birth, yet last night, there were women who want a hospital birth, they just want it on their terms. They are empowering themselves by learning everything they can in order to "work the system" to their advantage. These women have spent hours pouring over books and talking to people, finding the best place in the valley to birth for them, and they best team of people to surround them.

How Glorious these women are, how wonderful they are to be doing what they feel is best for them and for their child. How amazing it is to be surrounded by such a group. I felt blessed even though I was the weirdo last night.

Its also great that these women have found somewhere to get information. Its too bad that it isn't easier to get the information needed and wanted to be best informed about our options whether in hospital, birth center, or at home.

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