Sunday, Pictures and Eyelashes!

tlc- check this out! Ahh! So cute! dacheese loved the hat, and can't wait for it to fit Madder. Rhayn thought it was for her. LOL

See dacheese in the background!?
She is looking much better now, getting used to being a mommy.

Here is a picture of some baby feet- one of each, Madder does NOT have skis (or else Gwen does, too!) Guess which "whoot" is which? (Rhayn called them "whoots" for the longest time. She actually said feet not foots today. Ah she is growing up so fast!)

Did your baby have eyelashes? Mine has these short stubby things, Madder has long luscious black lashes (lucky girl, huh?) My in laws with twins (boy/girl) the boy has those adorable big long baby lashes and they girl has practically none. My nephew Gavin has lovely lashes that I am jealous of! Rhayn, she has recently gotten lashes! Hers are dark, and nice. Even with her blondish hair- her eyelashes are dark. Lucky her! I think Gwennie might get some when she is older, but for now- she will be ok with her stubby lashes!


TLC said...

I know that hat came out HUGE! I've never made one before but from the picture it looked tiny and it said it was for an infant. (do a google search for "gnomey hat" and you will see what I mean)
I'm glad dacheese and Rhayn like it. I thought it was pretty cute. All my boys have had these lucsious long eyelashes that drive the checkout gals crazy! I hope you all had a great time visiting with each other today!

leaner said...

Ok, Yeah- Rhayn has a smallish head for a 4 year old. I babysat this one 2 year old last year whose head was MONSTROUS! Like Bigger around than mine! (his da has a biggo head too!)

We had a great time visiting dacheese and I! I hope to get to spend more time with her and Madder the eyelash queen.

abeNanna said...

gotta love the feet. Thanks, now the world can believe that mad does not have the worlds largest baby feet. Think that we should ask tlc to make a hat for all the girls, how cute would that be?

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