3 Weeks Old

Gwen is now 3 weeks old.

Just this past weekend she broke out like a teenager. Rhayn was about 3 weeks when her baby acne showed up. I don't remember when it went away, though. Her eyes just keep getting lighter and lighter. Oh well, Rhayn has beautiful eyes. I love the green color... I guess I have no chance of having that brown eyed baby this time. At least we have one- Madison is surely going to have big brown eyes. (Lucky you- Bri! She looks like us, and I am slightly jealous, as I look at yet another replica of my hubby.) Gwen's head is oblong, instead of round, like most newborns. I don't know if you can tell from the pictures, but it is longer than it is wide. We still haven't figured out where her nose came from. Rhayn has mine, and Gwen's doesn't look like Will's. We'll just have to wait and see whose nose it is (maybe its her gramma's? Or some long lost relation? Who knows!) Its definitely bigger than Rhayn's was. Yup- my baby has a big nose. But I love it, and her. So it doesn't matter now does it?

I am totally impressed by every little thing Gwen does. She amazes me everyday. Then again so does her big sister!

I can not believe that 3 weeks have gone by. It seems like she has been here forever, though.

Yesterday we went to hairball's house, and hung out. It was nice, to get out of the house, but not feel like I needed to be doing anything. We sat around and talked girl talk, that stuff the guys just don't really want to hear. (Yup- we talked about boobs a lot!)

This past weekend we went shopping for a rocker-recliner. Will picked it up Tuesday, and although it is a nice muted shade of brown (like nearly everything in our downstairs!) it is very comfortable. I just wish we could get into another color.

I have decorated for fall. I think if you live somewhere that the leaves do not change color, you should try to bring that feeling of fall inside somehow. I love autumn colors, the oranges and reds. Its all so rich and lovely. But then again I can't wait until I can take it all down and put up my MOST FAVORITE of all decorations up- the TREE! I love decorating to Christmas! Next year will probably be a little harder as we'll have a 1 yr old that can pull ornaments off the tree, but this year, we have Rhayn, the big girl. She leaves it alone, or sometimes she moves ornaments around, that is ok by me! (I think I did that as a kid.) I need to either make of find some new stockings. I like having them all matching, and we have the 3 matching, but now there are 4 of us. It look forward to shopping for that (gives me a reason to check out the Christmas sections of all the stores! Yippee!)


dacheese said...

Madder has a round head! I want to take a bath but they told me not to because of the stitches. I think it would be ok now. Tonight is Homecoming

leaner said...

The midwife told me to take a bath, just be sure the tub is clean(it helps the stitches fall out/dissolve.) I didn't know you had stitches. They are gross, huh?

Yippee for homecoming. Are you going?
Madder does have a round head, she is the reason that I know Gwen doesn't! LOL I didn't notice until I looked at her next your your round headed baby!

lvh said...

Isn't it wonderful that all babies don't look exactly alike. And that they each have their own individual personalities.

leaner said...

lvh- It is! I really love how different our kiddos are! I would hate it if they all looked genericly alike!

TLC said...

Sweetie pie! Whoa - 3 weeks huh?

leaner said...

tlc= glad you didn't say cutie pie- those are unflattering pics of her, but i needed to show those cheeks! Her jowls hang down and I think its too too cute!

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