Spicy Food Strikes!

I don't know if the spicy food (mmmm Kung Pao Chicken!) I had for dinner did it, or watching Nova Frontline World, and a History Channel Show about Galen but I had some rotten horrible bad dreams last night!

I was w/ someone (couldn't see them.) at a rest stop or somewhere, and this car pulled in. There was a guy in the car, a lady outside of the car, and they THREW A HEAD! out of the car. I thought the guy in the car was dead too. So I asked the lady if she needed help. She started to come w/ us but was really out of it. The guy in the car got out and shot himself in the head a few times, but he was still alive. We tried to take off, and he tried to follow us. We ended up taking a wrong turn and were half way across the state of Arizona (at Tabletop? I know that Mesa means table and I think it was somewhere in northern AZ. Weird!)

I woke up it was about 5 am.

I fell back asleep and continued that dream! I hate that, you wake up from something scary and figure when you fall back asleep it will be done and gone, but NO! Its there and more scary!

Only this time, I was back at the Place- and it was a high school! I went into the "death room" and that guy had the other 2 people cooking in a slow cooker! AH! So I dumped it out, and ran. He saw me but I ran really fast and was hiding in the football field when I woke up again and it was time to get up for the day.

I am pretty sure there was more to this dream- more segments, but I don't remember much else. I do remember that "We" were driving through the Navajo Nation.

Beckham- showing off his "kitty boobs."


dacheese said...

That is scary... (my dream)I was at a school getting my eyebrows waxed in a bathroom and cops came in... i would never get my eyebrows waxed!!!!

Happy halloween!

leaner said...

Eyebrow waxing- not so bad... until they remove nearly all of your eyebrows! Grrr....

Funny the dreams we remember, huh?

Happy Halloween right back atcha!

dacheese said...

I put pictures of me for you on my site! man I had some sexy hair!! Mommy bought madder a halloween costume it is peas in a pod. My daughter is going to be pee!

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