One Month

Here we are a month later! I am so shocked at how quickly time is going! Gwen is perfect, she hardly ever cries, eats like a champ, and seems to be growing well! (I think she must be 10 pounds by now!)

I am excited for her blessing next weekend, I love the way those white gowns look. Even if we don't go to church often, I think the blessing is important. After all, its all her choice what religion she will choose as an adult, isn't it?

After a couple of hard nights (with her waking up and being so cute and wide awake in the middle of the night) we are getting back to sleeping in the night time. She is very alert around 8 until 10 pm, which works well for us. I get a little bit of Gwen time after Rhayn goes to bed, so does daddy.

In one hour, she will have been here exactly 4 weeks. I keep thinking back on her birth. The way it felt, as its still pretty fresh in my mind. I wrote it down, in a journal that I am keeping by my bed. I write in it nearly every few nights when I am feeding her before bed. I started the story with finding out she was breech, because in my mind that was the starting point of her birth process. I think that she was letting me know that I really needed to relax, but also that maybe Will and I needed to go through the version, because he wasn't ready to see me in that much pain. The whole experience, the 2 weeks of worry, really allowed me to get closer to Gwen and Will. It gave me time to contemplate not having my "dream birth" even though in the end I was able to have it. (Even though I had wanted to walk around the neighborhood while the sun was rising, and greet the day my baby would be born. I greeted the day from inside my house, watching and waiting for contractions to really get going. That was really the only part that didn't happen like I really wanted it to.)

Every time I look back, I feel this swell of love, because Gwen was brought into the world surrounded by people who love her and who love me. What an awesome way to enter life!


TLC said...

Oh Gwennie! What a cutie pie. Clint thinks she looks "cool" like different from other babies he said. I thought that was an interesting comment from him. We have all our photos that were ever taken, downloaded, scanned and sent to us (like the one LVH sent us all) as our screen saver and so from time to time I will see my birth photos and I'm taken to that place so fast - like it happened yesterday. My ovaries start to spark or maybe my cervix says "whoa - not this again!"

leaner said...

She doesn't look like other babies- its her head- its long, instead of round (think I was talking about that in a previous post! LOL)
I was laying in bed this morning thinking about my whole birth experience, thinking about how much life has changed and how much I have changed.

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