Just want to relax...

Its going to be better day today, I hope.
Will took Rhayn and his dad to the desert botanical gardens. So they aren't here. I want to relax in the bath and soak my stitches (I tore a TINY bit- like we had to decide if they needed stitches they are so miniscule- but once I tried to pee and it BURNED!!! I was all for the stitches.) but we have some guy dropping off materials for stucco. He is going to put the stucco on our patio cover.

Last night we were headed out for dinner (miserable experience...) and this guy was stopped in front of our house. He said he was willing to stucco the patio cover, for $400. Since we had decided that we were willing to pay up to $500,this was perfect. So he is dropping stuff off and going to come by on Saturday to finish it.

My mom called this morning, and Bri is at the hospital right now, walking and waiting for the gel to take effect. So there may be another baby before the day is out. We'll see. I really wish I could be there for her having just gone through it myself, but with Gwen and still not feeling 100% ME, well I plan on going after Madison is born. Someone will just have to hold Gwen while I go back (I am SO sure my mom would be TOTALLY opposed to that.)

I have a bit of a sinus headache, its "allergies" I caught from my dad last week. I had thought the draining stuffy head was my body preparing for labor, but now I am coughing up a little junk and am not pregnant anymore. So I am sure it is dad's "allergies" he gave them to my mom, too. Since I have had them a week, I shouldn't be contagious, right? If so everyone is going to have them... Oh well. Its only a little tiring and stuffy. Not the worst like I had when I was 3 months pregnant and was wheezing and really sick.

Well I think I am going to attempt that bath- I don't know if I could hear the doorbell from the bathroom anyway... but Its all ok.

Oh yeah- Gwen is cordless now. There is a tiny piece of it still in there, but she has a belly button and no cord left. That goldenseal root or whatever the midwife gave me is theMOST awesome stuff! She is only 5 days old and its gone! Although it makes me a little sad, since I realize how quickly she'll grow up. I need to really enjoy her infancy- no rushing this one- nursing really helps that, I mean you are forced to sit back and take the time to hold them and look at them. I am so glad I can nurse her!

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