2 Weeks Old

We have made it through so much already, Gwen and I. It seems crazy that she is already 2 weeks old. I can not imagine life without her, or remember it.

So far she is such a good baby. She sleeps at night. I don't know if its because we co-sleep, or what, but both of our girls slept a good deal when we slept. I never really had Rhayn in a schedule, but Gwen, she is in one already. Or maybe I am really delusional. She sleeps at night,waking to eat 3 times. When we get up at 7 am, she wakes up (usually she is up about 6:30.) She stays awake most of the morning, dozing on and off. Then she takes a big nap around lunch time. She wakes up around dinner time for a few hours, and goes back to sleep for the night around 9.

As a whole she is so much easier than Rhayn was. Maybe its nursing her, maybe that is the difference. It was a desire I had, to be able to nurse her. I was so afriad that I wouldn't be able to. I had just assumed with Rhayn that I would be able to, so it was shocking to have to buy bottles and rent a pump. It was hard to make the transition to formula. It was diffucult waking up at night to make a bottle, and have to hold her just so, so she wouldn't choke on her milk, so it wouldn't go right up her nose. Nursing is so much easier, more convienent, and better all around. I feel blessed every time I put her to my breast.


dacheese said...

The girls are in Suns colors! Purprple and orange although they are really light.

leaner said...

Yeah, I noticed that then. Just didn't say anything. Pastel Suns colors. LOL

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