Scary and Frustrating

Well, my midwife's appointment was not a joy this time. In fact it was awful. Nothing she did or said- or anything. I am just feeling so frustrated and in pain. I found out why-
Baby has decided to make a home in my back. She is posterior and is causing MAJOR pain in my lower back. So much for "its all because I did so much work this weekend." Its all because she is nestled in there good and tight. It might also be why I seem so small still!
Pam also couldn't tell if baby is head down anymore! She said she is pretty sure she is, but her heartbeat was AT my naval. Her head or butt or whatever is in my ribs causing my pain feels the same to ME, but Pam said it feels a little round.
So she did an internal- (*yucky)
I am not dilated at all, but cervix is short and very soft. So at least all of the pain I have had the past few days is doing something. Usually they can tell what part of the baby is down IF there is anything in the pelvis. Baby MOVED herself UP! She didn't want to be touched, but left an undescernable foot/hand near my cervix. So nothing doing.
I have scheduled an ultrasound for Monday, to check and see if she is head down.
Please let her be head down!
I know breech isn't the end of the world. Pam says chiropractors have a 90% rate of turning babies. She is also small and could flip all on her own. BUT I am still a little stressed out about all of it.
Please please please please please don't be breech!


tif-do said...

That is scary but on the upside I was breech and nothin's wrong with me, HA HA HA! Hope everything turns out alright for you and the baby, I know it will.

TLC said...


if your baby is breech here's some info on turning the baby w/ chiro help and homeopathic Pulsatilla.

Crispin was posterior right up till I gave birth. I was so worried about it and started doing pelvic tilts and sleeping on my left side and it only made him MORE posterior. But when I went into labor my roomy pelvis gave him enough room to move into optiimal position and slide right on out. I was giving him pep talks all the while. He just found a comfy spot just like your Gwenny - give her some pep talks to be head down and in the perfect birthing position. I will keep you in my prayers that not too much intervention will be needed and she will come out just fine! Keep your head up and don't lose hope!

hairball said...

prayers and thoughts are with you honey. let me know if you need anything. maybe a mooning will get your mind off of things for a bit :)

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