Long Hard Night

I think that I needed family fun more than anything yesterday. I just wish I had felt more like myself and less like this awful shell of me. We all joked around and laughed, and ate really good carne asada (mmm) but I just felt out of it. I didn't know why. Then it came time to come home and I realized that my head hurt- very very badly!

I read Rhayn a book and we both went to bed around 8:30. I was actually asleep by 9, and woke up to check on her. She was still awake looking at books quietly in her bed, probably "reading" them to Floh (one of our cats.) I blew her a kiss, said "I love you," and stumbled back into my wonderful bed. I awoke at 10, again at 12, at 2. She had come into my room and crawled into bed with me at some point. But being as tired and feeling sick as I was- I left her there. I started a movie, to try to calm myself. It was such an awful night.

At 7 am, Rhayn woke up and said "Its morning mommy." I think she was very hungry. I made the poor kid wait until 8:30 before I could wrestle myself from the sheets to get up.

So now I have been awake for an hour, and I really want to clean a little. I don't think its going to happen because when I move to quickly, my head feels like it will pop. Its all squishy and liquidy. I feel awful. Maybe I should rest on the couch, but it hurts MORE to lay down. I wish it was winter/fall so I could take Rhayn to the park at least. But I believe we won't leave the house today.

At least Will will be home tonight, even though its Army weekend and he'll be exhausted- at least he'll be here and I can stop worrying about going into labor. (That was my fear last night when I kept waking up! I was so afraid that contractions were waking me, and that I was going to start being in real pain.. silly little headache- its really nothing compared to LABOR.)


TLC said...

Rhay's a pretty cute little thing!

leaner said...

and she sure knows it!

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