We bought a new camera, its pretty awesome.
It has a 1 GB card! that is over 1000 pics we can take!

Yesterday it was actually NICE out! Rhayn and I went to the zoo. (In AUgust?! WOW were we brave or what!?) It rained a bit on us, and that really felt good. I think it was around 88 degrees, although with relatively high humidity from the previous nights storm and from the wonderful cloud coverage. I wish everyday felt like yesterday!

Today I am struggling to make myself get up and do anything! I need to do laundry, I am nearly out of clean panties that fit... and Will's army laundry starts to smell if its left too long. Yuck. He tosses it all- moist from sweat and humidity, fresh from his "one weekend a month"- ON. THE. CARPET. It leaves a moist spot that starts to smell. Bleh- So now I have to shampoo the carpet as well.

Its going to be a "fun" day of cleaning once I get my butt into gear!

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