I just don't wanna!

I have a friend, or acquaintance that I usually talk to quite often, but lately I just don't want to talk to her at all! I don't know why. I just really don't want to. I only really want to talk to my family. I think it must have something to do with being pregnant and hormonal, but its strange.

Most of my time is spent wanting to be touching Will, I want him to hold my hand or sit by me on the couch. I even made him start sleeping in bed with me again (he didn't because I was having such trouble sleeping and he wants to watch TV at night, and our bedroom stays warm. We turned the A/C down and the TV up, its so worth it to reach over and have him there all night long. I need him there right now.)
I don't understand this feeling, maybe its because I am pregnant and I know that as soon as baby comes life will be so different.
Maybe its because I just finally reached a point in my life that I need him, because I am allowing myself to NEED him. I was always afraid that it wouldn't work out, we would get divorced or something horrible like that, but we've been through so much and made this baby together- both of us wanted to. I think I feel comfortable allowing myself to feel need and be needed by him.

As for Rhayn, well my little bugaboo is getting big, she is so imaginative and playful. She has so many dreams and hopes for her future, starting with "Kin-vergarden" which she unfortunately is not going to get to do until next fall. (Being born in March, she gets to start school at 5 1/2, I was almost 6 when I started because my birthday is in November.) I am in no real hurry for her to be older. I want her to stay 4, its such a perfect age!

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