The best songs...

According to a 4 year old.

"Zombie" by the Cranberries.
"Boulevard of Broken Dreams" by Green Day (otherwise known as the "empty street song.")
Any Celtic woman singer

We think we've figured out that she likes Zombie because she was deathly afraid of them after watching an episode of the Simpson's where there are "Dommies" (as she called them at 3, it took us weeks to figure that word out.) After she heard "Zombie" she requests it whenever dh is listening to music, and if it comes on in the car, well it had better be blasting!

When she was a tiny baby she used to "rock out" to Rancid and other punk bands that I would listen to. Rancid would make her spazz in her car seat in an infant moshing fest. It was pretty cute.

Now as she gets older and more girlie, there are times I am afraid of what she will become. I can only nudge her in the direction of punk, industrial, and some "hippie" music that I like. While dh nudges her to play music (going to so far as to buy her a mini-kid guitar for Christmas, she really "rocks" when she plays that!) I want her to have a wide range of likes, so that she will be able to decided what she likes all on her own. Her own, someday she will be a teenager, with opinions and ideas and ideals. She will be her very own person, no longer an extension of her parents. She will cease to think that we are the greatest people ever. She will form opinions though based on what she knows and hopefully we will have given her a great foundation.

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