Thumpity thump thump

This is the wiggly-est moving-est baby!

My little fetus, "thumpergirl" is really living up to her name today. I swear watching my belly roll and move about as she tosses and turns inside it is totally insane! I do not remember this much movement EVER with Rhayn. In fact I am pretty sure she was much calmer in utero.

This leads me to (hope and) believe that this little buggaboo will be calmer on the outside. Since Rhayn was on the go from the moment of birth, maybe I will be spared a secodn demon child, and have the lovely "lump baby" I so long for. You know- that baby that lets everyone hold him/her and doesn't walk until at least 12 months AND doesn't even bother cramling until at least 9 months. So unlike Rhayn- the mover, the shaker. She still doesn't ever really stop. Maybe this baby will even NAP! Oh GLORY! If she naps, that would be the best gift ever!

But until she is born, I am just left to wonder what she will be like, and how cute she will be. (Rhayn has reassured me that she will indeed look like ME- which is my hope. I just want her to have brown eyes like ME, even though the eye color both Rhayn and Will have is lovely and greenish. I would love to see my own eyes on my child.)

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TLC said...

oh how I miss those days!

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