Dream On

This morning I woke up at 6:30, a full half an hour before I had to.
The dream I had been having freaked me out quite a bit and as I lay there attempting to get another few minutes of sleep I started replaying it in my mind.

I don't think it was a future dream, more like a "what if this happened right now," thing.

I was at my parents house and started going into labor. I didn't have anything on the list that my midwife gave me. Needless to say I was worrying about not having the necessary items for delievery. I kept trying to get someone to take me to the store to buy those items. No one, not even teh midwife was willing to drive my laboring pregnant butt to a store, and I started threatening to drive myself. No one seemed to even notice me. Occasionally my midwife would look at me and ask if I wanted to be checked for dilation. I would huff off and hide in the bathroom.

The whole dream wasn't really as scary as most pregnancy dreams are, but it has me a bit worried about not getting those items. I don't have a car today, as one of ours is in the shop getting the air conditioning fixed. This means I can't go out and buy that stuff. So I can wait, I mean I am only 29 weeks and if I went into labor I would have to go to the hospital with a premature baby. But I think this is the beginning of some hardcore nesting!
The house will be spotless!
Bring on the cleaning, baking spree!

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