levels on the rise

My levels have gone up considerably! I will have to say I was surprised. It does make me feel a lot better- and if I had just waited a few days the dr wouldn't have EVER thought it was negative! lol
my level on Thursday was 23 and by Monday it was 245. The nurse says she thinks we must have caught the cells dividing!

I met with a midwife today. She was really nice and made me feel very comfortable (big deal to me! I am not always comfortable talking about health issues!) "My baby will grow, I will be having a homebirth. It will be great! Nothing will go wrong!" (Chant over and over! Repeat every few hours!)

I am pretty sure that I will go with Marinah. She really made me want to be in labor right now! and its so nice to feel comfortable with someone. I know its her job to make women feel comfortable- but it doesn't always work. I did contact a few other midwives to talk to. I want to make sure. Never go with the first- without making sure she is the best! I mean what if another one of them just feels perfect? I want every chance to find her, right? Its like marrying the first guy you ever date... not likely. You need to make sure he is Mr. Right!

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